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China Suntextile Company

machine.jpg (15324 ??)SUNTEXTILE Co.,as an unique China manufacturer handling technique of ancient Chinese loom and traditional skills of    "YUNJIN" ,take a specialposition in duplicating historical relics of "YUNJIN" and producing modern arts.

SUNTEXTILE owns a group of artists who have inherited and developed the "YUNJIN" weaving skills which come from Ming Dynasty about 500 years ago. In the ancient time, only Chinese imperial family have special authority to enjoy "YUNJIN" articles .

"YUNJIN" skills, weaving with silk and golden thread , reached the summit of hand weaving in human history and in the nowadays there are not more than 50 people in the world manufacturing and understanding "YUNJIN".

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Protecting and propagating "YUNJIN",the unique hand weaving skill,is our mission.

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